Friday, September 18, 2009

Juciest Post - why stock rally never my share?

Recently the stock market so hot, then the Chartered got take over, Genting right issue. Strange, when it is hot, never my share, but when losing money... always....

Anyway.. here got some juiciest post.. didn't go and dig out, just put a few....

Girl shooting gun at the pool...

Girls just wanna have fun

Genting super hot, everyone tell me it is keep rising, until yesterday halt.....
Genting - Proposes 1-for-5 rights issue
Genting Singapore - Request for trading halt - Right Issues??

Those who ("unlucky"??) have Charstered CSM, there are some reports to you ....
Chartered Semicon: discloses bid, updates 3Q 2009 guidance
Chartered Semiconductor: Proposed acquisition by ATIC
Chartered Semiconductor: Received a take-over offer at S$2.68/share

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Finally, look at this Hong Kong school girl video <-- the school girls are so hot in uniform!!!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A website full of mobile phone information

Mobile phone is now so popular, sometimes, I don't really know it is a phone or a PC, as many of them can surf net, in addition to making call and sms.

Some of the smart phones include iPhone, Blackberry etc. And with these products, some accessories also in the market. For example the iphone dock, iphone speaker, blackberry case and many others. Even for non smart phone, those who travel often, also always look for some accessories that can make our life easier, e.g. a bluetooth headset.

Of course you can buy all these thigs online, read their review, and compare the price over the internet. Mobile fun is a UK based website that shows quite a number of new products and their price information. There are also ring tone for download.

Just take the iphone dock as an example. In the past, Apple’s iPod docks haven’t been generously equipped. Most of the time, docks have sold for $29 to $39 and shipped bare—just a piece of white plastic with a male Dock Connector front and center, audio and sometimes video ports in the back, and a spot to connect your iPod’s packed-in data cable to your computer.

With the iPhone, that’s changed: both the iPhone Dock and Dual Dock come with a USB Power Adapter and a USB cable, which Apple now sells for $29 in a separate package. In other words, you’re now paying only $20 more for either Dock, which is a great deal by Apple standards, but not by absolute ones. And of course, you can buy another one, that comes with more fancy functions.

So next time when buying stuffs online, do remember to do a few more survey. Always no harm to make more comparisons, make sure you understand the functions well, and get the lowest possible price online.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mano Erina

Erina Mano (真野恵里菜, Mano Erina, born April 11, 1991 in Kanagawa, Japan) is a Japanese pop singer in Hello! Project. She joined Hello! Project in 2006 as a member Hello Pro Egg. In 2007, she became a member of the Hello! Project futsal team Gatas Brilhantes H.P. and its promotional J-pop group Ongaku Gatas. On March 29, 2007 she became a soloist after graduating from Ongaku Gatas, working under management and promotion of J.P Room.

Sonia Sui

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One stop entertainment guide to London

London, just like any other big cities, e.g. New York, Hong Kong, or even Singapore, life is wonderful. Plenty of world class Restaurants, excellent shoppings, quality arts and performances, happening Pubs London....

Here there is one stop you can search for all the events held in London, also Restaurants London, and nearly everything, read the review from other users as well. For example, you want to some preview on some of the night life in London, wonder how happening it is, and any comments from others for a particular performances, you can get it here.

If you are a tourist from oversea, you want to know what are the places of interest, what are the museums or art galleries, and is there any events, you can get it on the website as well.

And of course, most important is on the food, I am sure either local or foreigners would like good food. So restaurant guide is important as well. And the website is

London is more than fortunate in its Festivals of Music. The last decades of the twentieth century saw a burgeoning of such events, which, added to the already well-established musical festivals, has resulted in some wonderful choices for music-lovers in and around the capital.

And you may not know. Charles Dickens, the popular novelist, lived from 1812-70. He was born in Portsea but the family moved to London in 1815, where his father was employed as a clerk in the Admiralty offices in Somerset House. Dickens knew London intimately (during his life he lived in around 20 different houses in London) and he drew upon his experiences here in many of his novels. Fascinating descriptions of London include his account of the slums of Clerkenwell in Oliver Twist, and a more general view of London in Hard Times. He drank regularly in Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese public house, which still exists in Fleet Street.

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