Friday, September 18, 2009

Juciest Post - why stock rally never my share?

Recently the stock market so hot, then the Chartered got take over, Genting right issue. Strange, when it is hot, never my share, but when losing money... always....

Anyway.. here got some juiciest post.. didn't go and dig out, just put a few....

Girl shooting gun at the pool...

Girls just wanna have fun

Genting super hot, everyone tell me it is keep rising, until yesterday halt.....
Genting - Proposes 1-for-5 rights issue
Genting Singapore - Request for trading halt - Right Issues??

Those who ("unlucky"??) have Charstered CSM, there are some reports to you ....
Chartered Semicon: discloses bid, updates 3Q 2009 guidance
Chartered Semiconductor: Proposed acquisition by ATIC
Chartered Semiconductor: Received a take-over offer at S$2.68/share

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Finally, look at this Hong Kong school girl video <-- the school girls are so hot in uniform!!!

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