Thursday, September 17, 2009

A website full of mobile phone information

Mobile phone is now so popular, sometimes, I don't really know it is a phone or a PC, as many of them can surf net, in addition to making call and sms.

Some of the smart phones include iPhone, Blackberry etc. And with these products, some accessories also in the market. For example the iphone dock, iphone speaker, blackberry case and many others. Even for non smart phone, those who travel often, also always look for some accessories that can make our life easier, e.g. a bluetooth headset.

Of course you can buy all these thigs online, read their review, and compare the price over the internet. Mobile fun is a UK based website that shows quite a number of new products and their price information. There are also ring tone for download.

Just take the iphone dock as an example. In the past, Apple’s iPod docks haven’t been generously equipped. Most of the time, docks have sold for $29 to $39 and shipped bare—just a piece of white plastic with a male Dock Connector front and center, audio and sometimes video ports in the back, and a spot to connect your iPod’s packed-in data cable to your computer.

With the iPhone, that’s changed: both the iPhone Dock and Dual Dock come with a USB Power Adapter and a USB cable, which Apple now sells for $29 in a separate package. In other words, you’re now paying only $20 more for either Dock, which is a great deal by Apple standards, but not by absolute ones. And of course, you can buy another one, that comes with more fancy functions.

So next time when buying stuffs online, do remember to do a few more survey. Always no harm to make more comparisons, make sure you understand the functions well, and get the lowest possible price online.

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