Monday, March 1, 2010

Han Hye Jin Jumong Korean Actress

Han Hye Jin (한혜진) is a famous Korean Actress, especially for her role in drama Jumong (The Book of Three Han) as Soseono.

Han Hye Jin boyfriend is Naul, singer of Brown Eyed Soul. They have in a relationship for a six years, but some news said they refuses kissing each other for reliougs reasons, but has no problems in kissing co-stars on screen.

Actually Han Hye Jin had starred in many other korean Dramas since 2002, but recently popular for her drama in Ju Mong. Her latest drama can be watched in Terroir and Jejoongwon.

Photos of Han Hye Jin. She is really beautiful. With long hair and brown skin, she sometimes looks like Chinese Girl.

Han Hye Jin
Han Hye Jin Han Hye Jin
Han Hye Jin Han Hye Jin

Watch Interview with Soseono 소서노 Han Hye JIn in Jumong video here

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