Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kim In Seo Korean Sexy Maxim Model

Kim In Seo (김인서) is a professional korean model, famous for her poses as cover girl in Korean Magazine like Maxim Korea.

May be not so many people knows who is Kim In Seo, but she has appeared in two dramas - Bad Couple (2007) and Come Back, Soon Ae (2006). Actually Kim In Seo is pretty and sexy enough to be an idol. Kim In Seo's photos usually featuring her sexy body and skinny glamorous poses in bikinis, sexy uniform, and as office girl.

Kim In Seo Profile
Birth Year: 1984
Height: 1.72 m
weight: 50kg
Maxim Korea March 2007

Kim In Seo Photos as a Office Girl (Business Woman)

Kim In Seo
Kim In Seo Kim In Seo
Kim In Seo Kim In Seo